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  • Top/bass bar initially tuned It's quite difficult to tune high density tops. Tuning is about weight/stiffness distribution and it's easy to make mistakes because weight has to be reduced proportionally in ...
    Posted 16 Jan 2021, 05:00 by Peter Grankulla
  • Nodal lines M5/M0 The back plate is of lesser performance wood and arch height is left 18 mm, this I think is why the nodal line of M5 is closer to the center ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2020, 07:03 by Peter Grankulla
  • Continued work on back plate Optimized for final shaping
    Posted 19 Aug 2020, 04:00 by Peter Grankulla
  • Purfling work outside
    Posted 5 Aug 2020, 06:20 by Peter Grankulla
  • Exploring modes and arching For those who understands Kreit's system. I learn more every time. Because I'm not in a hurry I'm documenting this one thoroughly.Removing wood from upper area ...
    Posted 23 Jul 2020, 05:29 by Peter Grankulla
  • Back in workshop after a looong pause Ribs, plates cut out and starting back extrados. Always interesting to take this first step to see how the back will turn out.Really glad I have documented the last ...
    Posted 22 Jul 2020, 09:33 by Peter Grankulla
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