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Bass bar glued

posted 29 Nov 2014, 06:46 by Peter Grankulla   [ updated 29 Nov 2014, 07:00 ]
I had a hard time finding wood that I could accept for bass bar. Chose a piece by intuition, ring mode and Don Noon's 2LF method
Eventually I was satisfied with a wood and the calibrated dimensions of 15x6x27 with a ring mode of 516 Hz. 2LF method might need some calibration. The same frequency was recorded with different "hammers" The head of a big nail was the easiest way. The curved bass bar right before gluing had a ring frequency of 610 Hz and end frequency of 12537 Hz (c 6770). I need a Lucchi meter!

Same wood Freqency L c
BB 15x7,5x30 10340 30 6204
BB 15x6x30 11250 30 6750
BB 15x6x27 11446 27 6181
Wedge 7684 39 5994