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Reality check

posted 14 Dec 2014, 04:16 by Peter Grankulla   [ updated 14 Dec 2014, 04:23 ]
Even if I have done this before, it's always a little exciting to see if I got it right and, well I did :)

Checking with different clamps 53 - 120 g to substitute the neck (B1+ will be lower, ~530 Hz, with a real neck and fingerboard)
With a soundpost:

Without clamp                                     B1- = 449, B1+ = 551
With clamps in different positions       B1-  = 446-448, B1+ = 538-541

C2 = 404 Hz with and without clamps

To get A0 right I had to take down ribs to 29 - 30,5 mm. Generally about 0,5 mm lower than the real Soil, which has lower arches and starting volume. A0 = 238-240 without a soundpost. A1 (458) is stronger than all previous violins, which I address to the model (G form). The f-holes are small and can be opened a little when setting up the violin. upper eyes 5,5 and lower eyes 8,5 mm (using drill bits) and they are just over 5,5 mm wide.