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Top/bass bar initially tuned

posted 16 Jan 2021, 04:27 by Peter Grankulla   [ updated 16 Jan 2021, 05:00 ]
It's quite difficult to tune high density tops. Tuning is about weight/stiffness distribution and it's easy to make mistakes because weight has to be reduced proportionally in the right places
(To achieve "common" graduation scheme where thickness is proportionally thinner to the wood's density)

Learned from previous high density top, density 0.49.
This one is ~0,50-0,51

1. cutting the f-holes does not lower M5 as much
2. installing the bassbar (equal density as top) only increased M5 to 367 Hz
3. "optimizing" the bass bar from straight 15 mm to shaped 12,5 mm only decreased M5 a few Hz
    - after this great care should be taken, it would be possible to optimize further without too much decrease in M5.
        => But then you get the Wolf at C, described here: Wolf tone at C (B1+)

4. Tuning is not about getting the "right" M5 it's about getting all the parameters "right
    - weight
    - thickness/graduation scheme according to the wood's density
    - bass bar weight and stiffness

5. The top is still quite stiff - feels stiffer than usually ~360 Hz M5 feels
   - feelings are not to trust too much though