Varnish cooking time

posted 1 Aug 2019, 07:59 by Peter Grankulla   [ updated 7 Aug 2019, 10:52 ]

Still no time for making new violins, but varnish cooking every summer is a must! Same recipe as last year

Cooking colophony, as the colophony is reduced it gets more viscous and the temperature has to gradually be raised:

Cooking Colophony One Hour

Cooking Colophony Four Hours

Ribs with a Japanese saw

posted 21 Aug 2018, 09:31 by Peter Grankulla   [ updated 21 Aug 2018, 09:39 ]

After a long break it's time to continue The Soil project, working on the fifth 

Varnish cooking time

posted 16 Jun 2018, 03:42 by Peter Grankulla   [ updated 16 Jun 2018, 13:12 ]

Warming up, quite pale in the beginning, planning to cook the rosin for 10+ hours

=> 9,5 hours total cooking time. The weather was windy and reduction of colophony was faster than last year. Need to do some test later, I wonder if it can be too dark

Two hours:


posted 24 Dec 2017, 04:35 by Peter Grankulla

Perfect timing:

Changing the look of boxwood setup items

posted 23 Dec 2017, 08:07 by Peter Grankulla

Neck & Nut

posted 23 Dec 2017, 04:43 by Peter Grankulla   [ updated 23 Dec 2017, 04:44 ]

Panic before Christmas

posted 19 Dec 2017, 06:37 by Peter Grankulla

Can't believe that it's ~7 months since I have done something to finish this! And now it's soon Christmas and this violin need to play some Christmas carols.
Nut & sadle glued in a hurry

Varnish cooking 15.07.2017

posted 15 Jul 2017, 07:31 by Peter Grankulla   [ updated 15 Jul 2017, 12:49 ]

Making some darker varnish this time, 1 hour and 5 hours into cooking colophony.  (15%/20% weight loss, starting from 100 g colophony)

Colophony cooked for 10 hours and reduced to 70 g (30%) -> Link to album: Varnish cooking 15.07.2017
This is the day when I stop using added colors and pigments in my varnish!

Wood baking & measuring

posted 3 May 2017, 11:31 by Peter Grankulla   [ updated 3 May 2017, 11:43 ]

Wood baking at 160 C, ~5,5 % loss which is normal this time of the year A,B spruce C,D maple. Data before baking, high dens spruce and lower/average dens maple

Next project

posted 2 May 2017, 03:32 by Peter Grankulla

One would think that you need a band saw, but what you really need is a Japanese saw and 20 min of work.

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