Analyzing & Measuring wood with a friend

Post date: Sep 23, 2014 12:35:42 PM

We had a rewarding Sunday together with my friend LK who is a professional violin maker. He also brought one of his latest violin, which had a beautiful dark timbre. We also made some spectrum analyzes of the violin (B1- 524, B1+ 545-550). It was very obvious how the dB level of B1 modes are related to plate weights. (Body modes as violin sound equalizer)

He also delivered a re-haired bow for my father in law - Excellent work! 

I also got the chance to help him with analyzing and taking measurements of wood for two violins that he will make next. One of them has almost identical properties as wood for the Soil project that I'm working on. Hope we get the chance to compare the result along the way even if I think he will finish them both long before me.