Cleaning up and analyzing modes

Post date: Mar 22, 2015 3:37:4 PM

One reason why I wanted to fix this top is that it was great when i made it (2010) and it's even better now. It has been heat treated and is very stable. Now that I scraped off the old wood grounding it rings longer too. As for the frequencies I also got to check what I already kind of knew; M5 did not change with the stripes, neither did M5 change when I evenly trimmed them, weight/stiffness ratio stays the same when placed in the middle like this. This is the key to tuning/optimizing bass bar and violin plates in general.

No re-tuning needed, I'm going to leave the thicknesses as they are.

M5 = 353 Hz, 5% MC

M2 = 158 Hz


A 2,7  -3,0 mm

B 1,8 - 2,1 mm

D 1,9 - 2,2 mm

C 3,3 mm

Edges 2,3 - 2,5 mm