Tone wood -95 "Soil" project

Post date: Jun 20, 2014 4:3:28 PM

Selecting wood for my Soil project. These are the candidates for the top

Tone wood -95

The Plan


Baking the wood for 45 min 150 °C, starting from cold oven. 

Then 30 min 180 °C (carefully monitoring what's going on)



Extended to 60 min in 150 °C, as things started to happen just after 35 - 40 min - Fresh, nice smell of wood. 

I acts like newly cut green wood! Storage in the outside shed since 1995 seams to have had no seasoning effect on the wood.


A lot of resin and fumes is still coming out of the wood after 60 min in 150 °C so I continued another 20 min.


Continued to 2 hours in 150 °C until it stopped loosing weight, but i think there is still bound water in the wood

Rising to 180-190 °C

Monitoring so it wont burn and overcook...

20:30 Oven off

Leaving the wood in the oven to cool down with the oven

Total time 2 hours 45 min

I think I was too gentle to the wood? Or another possibility is that my MC% meter is picking up resin and gives false readings on this spruce. This was also what I was thinking when tuning/monitoring my ongoing project, because humidity in air and MC% in the top did not correlate. which it did on the back plate and other pieces of wood.

The MC meter showed 4 - 4,5 % after the cooking (9,5 % before)

Photos taken before and after: