Baking wood for The Soil #4

Post date: Jul 08, 2016 12:41:5 PM

Visited my friend and his tonewood pile. Spotted an awesome maple set, but it was not for sale so I had to settle with another one. I'm happy with what I got. The top wood is great. The back wood is deeply flamed and even but fresh and quite low performance. Looking back at previous data it seems true that deep flames gives lower speed of sound, which is quite natural as the fibers along grain is like waves.

We also played/compared our latest violins. His del Gesu copy from 2015 is now even greater and has remained stable. I didn't get to try his latest because it was at a violinist for testing. I make copies and he varies a lot with Patrick Kreit's system so I get a lot of insight by comparing.

Have to cut the wedges to 40,5 cm to fit in the oven. Baking for 3 hours, changing the wedges position in the oven every 20 min to get even baking. Humidity 55%, weight loss ~9,5% (Graph, last image)