Varnish Ground (Maple)

22.07.2017 To seal or not to seal that's the question. On this page I will post what I believe is the "secret" to deep, gorgeous, reddish, 3D looking maple. For some years I have been cooking my own varnish and done a lot of tests on maple, and at the same time studied Roger Hargrave's varnishing, compared to the antiquers on Maestronet. Sealing the maple completely with other substance than great looking and dark transparent varnish, is not going to give the effect that many makers are seeking for, no matter how dark the varnish is on top of a glue size ground. Doesn't matter if it is casein/lime, hide glue or gelatin.

It's a question about varnish in the wood or on top of it. Same wood, varnish and amount, with completely sealed to no sealing in bright sunlight:

(More images and explanation later)