Fingerboard acoustics

Post date: May 26, 2016 10:19:41 AM

It seems to be difficult to get great fingerboards nowadays. Made a new fingerboard as the acoustics of the first one was not acceptable. Besides matching B0 close to A0 it is more important to get the fingerboard to enhance and prolong the violins echo. The first fingerboard was not good enough so I changed it to a much higher performance one. 

To recognize fingerboard acoustics requires some experience and practice - Holding the violin with the index finger under the scroll and knocking on the front side right under the nut with the index knuckle. This I do quite hard but one has to be careful because it can make cracks if too hard. The method excites all modes to their limit (A0, B0, B1-, B1+). Sometimes you can hear a scary sound like the violin has a crack, but this is the plates letting a gap to the soundpost. Knocking several times the sound post will fall.