Checking modes and choosing finger board

Post date: Dec 28, 2014 10:16:52 AM

I have two good finger boards but very different stiffness. One is from Dictum (634 Hz) and one is Indian (450 Hz). To get B0 coupled to A0 (or wood prime, because it's only 450, but I'll see how it goes) I have to use the lower ringing otherwise it would be impossible to get B0 under 290 Hz on this violin. B0 with a squared unfinished neck is 277.  

B1- and B1+ is also where I want them to be at this stage, 458 and 548. They are well balanced and equally strong. (B1+ is not too strong, which would give a wolf note at C natural on the finished violin). It's important to get B0 right to balance this too.