Tonal & playability copy

Post date: Jun 08, 2016 1:51:38 PM

Soil #3 has started its musical journey. I'm very happy with the results as it is very close to the previous one, both tonally and playability - Tonal copy perhaps?

It will have slightly more power than Soil #2 as it matures. FFT data at ~6% MC, 30% RH (without chinrest)

weight = 397 g (compared to Soil #1/#2 404/402 g)

A0 = 269 (f-holes not finalized yet)

B0 = 279

B1- = 449

B1+ = 536 

FFT added to the chart. The FFT snap is taken too soon after strung up, hence the sawtooth shape. It will settle and this is also audible after some months: