The Soil #1 is tuned and ready for setup

Post date: Jan 27, 2015 7:25:17 PM

I made a statement that I can tune the low body frequencies within 1 Hz, so I had to prove it to myself (humidity 25%)

Why? I guess because I can :)

358 g

A0 = 270 Hz (upper eye 6 mm, lower eye 9 mm, width 6 mm. measured with drill bits)

B0 = 280 Hz (will drop ~10 Hz with chin rest, pegs and setup.

B1- = 460 Hz (will drop to ~ 440 - 445 Hz)

B1+= 545 Hz (will drop to ~ 530 - 535 Hz)

B1- is sensitive to chin rest types. One rose wood chin rest lowered it 25 Hz

The last 5 Hz was achieved by adjusting varnish thickness and polishing the back combined with finger board tuning.

(B1+ drops 5-7 Hz when B0 gets lower than 290 Hz)

The varnish is light with a shining golden ground, but reflects dark shades in different lights - it's flaming.