11.5 Started with the top plate. The joining plane is supreme

12.5 Cut out the top and some wood to get the feel for it, lovely wood!

28.5  Arching almost done, but tuning is difficult due to constant change in humidity and temperature. The wood should have been dried longer too, MC%  it is still 11-12% and it feels "wet"

29.5 Arching done. 5,5 h in UV cabinet. M5 have risen 15 Hz already. Storing tone wood outside in a shed is not right. Even if the wood is from 1996, it behaves like fresh wood. Small drops of resin is also squeezed out on the surface. Need to season it by dehydrating it to 0% a couple of times and see what happens 

6.6 The wood has been in UV cabinet for 6 days and stopped loosing weight, humidity up to 45-50 %. I knew I was going to be in trouble with this top. Nothing that I can't handle, but moist wood should not be used as tone wood. It warped lengthwise almost 1 cm.

Top 2014 (g+ album view)

8.6 Graduated close to finish 74 g, 340 Hz, It will be around 70 g when finished (to match the back ~100 g) 345 Hz at 6% MC. In and out of UV cabinet and clamping it to a board with two wholes in upper and lower bouts (see picture) straighten it up to control warping. Blowing with a hairdryer inside when the plate is clamped to the board enables the wood to dry from the inside, contributing to straighten up the edges and keeping the arch height at it's reference. The transverse stiffness (speed of sound) is low in relation to longitudinal. This was already indicated when tuning extrados with a delta of 140 Hz between M0/M5. M2 is now only 150 Hz. This will increase when the wood has been artificially seasoned for awhile in UV cabinet. It is very likely that the violin will need re-tuning after a couple of years.

13.6 f-holes and bass bar preliminary set and re-tuned to 340 Hz, (305 Hz without bass bar, f-holes cut and wings formed)