Re varnishing

Post date: Mar 29, 2015 4:28:53 PM

The violin is back together with casein/lime rubbed in on both in and outside. No re-tuning, the modes are where they should be. After scraping off the old wood grounding the modes rose to their original state.

A0 = 273

B1- = 460

B1+ = 545

I just need to change the heavy ebony parts to boxwood.

30.3 First lean layer; images 4-5

I got some stunning images from a friend of his latest work, I might want to do something bad to this violin :)

(Now looking at this work from 5 years ago I'm a little embarrassed, sloppy!)

31.3 Color layer; images 6-7

It tends to look like the previous ones, have to do something about that, this one need to bee different

31.3 Color layer 2; images 8-13 (before I start to destroy it)

Photos (bad quality) in different angle trying to get the variations, it's darker in realty.

1.4 Antiquing; images 14-17

This is extremely difficult, I will stop here and apply a thin coat of uncolored varnish

2.4 Done; images 18-24

Didn't dare to go for antiquing, making it look used would probably be the right term.